Movement is medicine, so we don’t stop training. We created an outdoor gym to continue crushing making progress!



We carefully plan, evidence based and sustainably built. We train smart and break big goals up into small steps. By doing so a training with us isn’t a random sweat session, but a way to get closer to your goals! This could either be improved health, to weigh loss, to better performance. 

Alpha Three was born out of passion: we love training and people. So we created a place straight from the heart, to really boost people to get fitter! That inner fire is infinite at its core. The reason for that is our community. To see members crush their squats, do their first pull up, or demolish a metcon is priceless!

Before having Alpha Three together, Matt was in the army. Where being fit is a necessity and it became quickly clear that an isolated bicep curl didn’t translate to anything needed within the job. So over the last years while serving the army he really dived into training and broadened his knowledge and skills with various courses and trainings. This never stopped!

Celine is an engineer with a Master of Science. She studied in Cambridge, Delft and Valencia. She loves cooking and talking about food as much as training - from an early age on! She worked 10 years as a freelancer strategist / designer.

We bundled our strengths together to create Alpha Three: a service to become the fittest you can be! Everything that we do is backed up by science and done out of passion. We are a small team. Which means that we do everything ourselves: from making this website, our videos, making you a nice coffee - but above all constantly diving deeper into training, nutrition and recovery. It also allows us to quickly integrate your member insights, to create the best supportive service we can!
We care about people and we want to make them feel good! We believe that the only way is up - no matter what starting point you have. Therefore we don’t do random stuff to sweat and to make an hour full. We carefully plan, evidence based and sustainably build. We train smart and break big goals up into small steps. By doing so a training with us isn’t another random sweat session. It is a way to get closer to your goals!l!

Secondly we don't do any crash diets. We love food and enjoy spreading knowledge about fueling the body for the best results. Our sources are peer-reviewed scientific papers. We simplify it for you, cause if you know more about it, you'll see that you can eat a lot of nice things AND get the results! Did you know Matt always eats 10 pancakes for breakfast?
alpha three community
At Alpha Three we welcome everyone to accomplish their goals: from improved health to weight loss to better performance. Not only people who have trained for years, but also people who are just starting out! Everyone works on their individual goals, in a motivating spacious environment.

We are a fun mix of people, with different backgrounds and from different countries. We have many expats, entrepreneurs and mostly citizens of Ijburg/Steigereiland.

Each member has personal training with Matt or Celine and some do open gym together. When it's possible we will organize Alpha Three Events, seminars, breakfasts for everyone to learn, grown and above all have a lot of fun!
Together we work towards your goals. Want to see what that looks like? Check our members David, Ronnie and Denis below. David started with light weights and learning technique from the basics on. Step by step we made progress to finally test ourselves last week. Whereas before he did squats and bench pressed with a barbells, he did: squats 90kg, benched 75 and topped it off with 11 chin ups!

Ronnie also started off with squatting from the basics on, where he had trouble first with a 20kg barbell - he squats with 80 kg now! Denis also improved drastically, every week we seem him gaining strength and getting fitter and faster. Want to know what results are possible for you? Contact us!

Benching 20 to 75 kg

David strongly improved his strength and conditioning over the past 6 months. Training was new to him, but last week he did squats with 90 kg, bench press 75 kg and crushed 11 unbroken chin ups!

Squatting from 0 to 80 kg

At first Ronnie had to get used to squatting with a barbell, but lately he can crush squats with 80 kg! Not only his squats improved, but all other lifts and conditioning as well!

Fitter, stronger and faster

Denis consistently put in the work with personal training, 3 times a week. We see his personal records going through the roof! He is stronger, fitter and a lot faster!


Denis Polivanov
Denis Polivanov
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“I’m more than happy training in Alpha Three Gym. Very welcoming and professional team and very nice location. Training itself is very structured and approach feels very personal. Working together with Mat feels very motivation, and he always push you to do an extra movement :). This makes your goals closer every day! Thank you!”
Marcel Gargallo
Marcel Gargallo
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“I’ve been doing personal training at Alpha Three for about 3 months and couldn’t be happier. I have been able to get back in shape after being home for couple months due to the lockdown. Great vibe and amazing people. I have a very busy job and my sessions at Alpha Three gives me a break from a hectic week, where I can focus on my goals, performance and well being. I also get support and advise on nutrition which has been very helpful. The studio is brand new and overlooking the water. Equipment is really good and brand new as well. Always enjoying my sessions, and to have a protein shake in good company after the workout! Definitely recommend to anyone who wants to get in shape or maintain a healthy lifestyle.”
Julia Braga
Julia Braga
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“I’m more than happy to train at Alpha Three! Matt and Celine are extremely friendly and that’s already a good start! The pt sessions with Matt are great! A lot of sweat and dedication. Matt is always making sure that we make the right movements, with the best technique to avoid injuries. Great duo and single pt training! Working out at Alpha Three is the fun moment of my day!”
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Alpha Three is een aanwinst voor IJburg! Een mooie gym op een toplocatie. Fijne sfeer en goede service. De trainingen zijn leuk, afwisselend en uitdagend. Ik ben erg tevreden en ik train hier graag.
Jorn Wisman
Jorn Wisman
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Na jaren lekker getraind te hebben bij Akademia op het Javaplein ben ik op zoek gegaan naar een nieuwe sportschool toen ik naar IJburg verhuisde. Via Instagram kwam ik terecht bij Alpha Three en na 3 maanden daar nu te trainen wordt het alleen maar leuker. De stap naar een personal trainer leek van te voren groot, maar pakt voor mij zeer goed uit. Technieken leren wordt de tijd voor genomen en als ik ergens last van hem wordt er gelijk een alternatief aangeboden. Trainingen zijn intensief, maar door de deskundigheid van Mathijs en Celine haal ik er altijd het maximale uit. En ondanks dat er hard gewerkt wordt, is er ook altijd tijd voor wat gezelligheid na afloop. AANRADER!
Geertjan Wolfs
Geertjan Wolfs
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Great gym for those want to get more fit or want to work towards personal goals. Matt and Celine combine a professional approach with good vibes and personal approach, that will keep you motivated and make you leave the gym with a smile and accomplished feeling.


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