We care about people and we want to make them feel good! We believe that the only way is up - no matter what starting point you have. Therefore we don’t do random stuff to sweat and to make an hour full. We carefully plan, evidence based and sustainably build. We train smart and break big goals up into small steps. By doing so a training with us isn’t another random sweat session. It is a way to get closer to your goals!l!

Secondly we don't do any crash diets. We love food and enjoy spreading knowledge about fueling the body for the best results. Our sources are peer-reviewed scientific papers. We simplify it for you, cause if you know more about it, you'll see that you can eat a lot of nice things AND get the results! Did you know Matt always eats 10 pancakes for breakfast?



Hi! It’s me, Celine. I am one of the founders of ALPHA THREE, I truly love food (see our blog) and work mostly on the business side of ALPHA THREE. I continuously update our service aiming to help and support you the best way we can. Therefore I love to talk to our customers and optimize our services with the given feedback and insights.


I have a Bachelor and Master of Science, studied in Cambridge, Delft and Valencia. I graduated at a company a couple of years ago where they would make the most delicious meals, with specific macros (protein, carbs and fats) tailored to the individual. It really opened my eyes to see how super tasty meals can be, while being really nutritious and good for your results, mood and body.


Since then I’ve read so many scientific papers on nutrition and cooked so many meals that I could talk about it for hours! I have made it my mission to spread more knowledge about food. It is surprising to see how tasty you can eat and maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle!


Hi there! It’s me Mathijs. I am one of the founders and trainers of ALPHA THREE. I started training when I was 16 and I have been in the army for almost 6 years.


When I first entered the gym, I started working out with a typical bro split training routine. It became quickly clear that an isolated bicep curl didn’t translate to anything I needed within the job. A fit and strong body is much more useful in life! You can do more, help more and enjoy more too.


So over the last years while serving the army I really dived into training and broadened my knowledge and skills with various courses and trainings. This actually never stopped.


I really enjoy putting the theory into practice and help people improve training by training. To see them reach their goals feels very rewarding!


That is also the reason why I decided to leave the army and focus on helping people build a healthy lifestyle. For anyone who is willing to work for it!