Hey there! And welcome to our online training program! Each week we have 4 workouts + 1 recovery workout. We carefully programmed your workouts as a block of several months, for optimal results. We upload the workouts throughout the week. Each exercise has a linked video to showcase it. Tip: make sure to note your own weights, cause it’s nice to track your own progress! As the ultimate goal of this program is fitness performance. So higher weights, faster times and fitter body.

We wish you all the best, crush it! Feel free to tag us when you train @alphathree_amsterdam. We’d love to see it!!

Warm up:

3 min @ easy pace @ any cardio machine

2 Rounds for quality of: 

10/10 dead bugs (see video)

10 banded pass-throughs (or broomstick/ pvc pipe) (see video)

10/10 banded side raises (or light dumbell) (see video)

10/10 crossack lunges (see video)


A: Back squat 5×10 @ 60% of 1RM // Rest 02:00 (see video)

B: Goblet squats (heels elevated) 3×14 *building in weight // Rest 01:30 (see video)

C: Knee to elbow (strict) 5×5 controll movement. Rest 01:30 (see video)

D: Walking overhead (with Kettlebell) lunges 4x10m *Building weight (see video)

E: Copenhagen plank 3x30sec  each side. Rest 01:30 (see video)

Warm up 

3 min @ easy pace @ any cardio machine

1 Round for quality of:

10 scapula push ups (see video)

10 scapula pull ups (see video)

30 band pull apparts (or 30 rear delt raises with lightest weights) (see video)

5 tempo push ups with 5 sec down/up (see video)


A: Bench press 4×12 @ 60% of 1RM rest 02:00 (see video)

B: Seated incline DB Benchpress 4×8 *building weight Rest 02:30 (see video)

C: Chin ups 4×6 (every last rep peak contraction hold 4 sec @ top) Rest 02:00 (see video)

D: Bottom up kettlebell carry 5x10m each hand *building weight Rest 01:30 (see video)

E: Horizontal Row 3×8 Rest 02:00 (see video)

F: Push up on Dumbells touch chest to floor! 4×7 2sec down 1 sec up Rest 02:00 (see video)

A: Any cardio machine for 14 min @ a 50-55% pace

B: Thoracic spine rotation 3×7/7 Rest 01:30 (see video)

C: 4 Rounds for time

     4 chin ups (see video)

     8 strict presses @20kg/15kg barbell (see video)

    12 calories on any machine (if not available) >> 32 mountain climbers (see video)

Note time:


D: Any cardio machine for 7 min @ a 40-45% pace

E: Thoracic spine rotation 3×7/7 Rest 01:30 (see video)

F: Childs pose accumulate for 04:00 (see video)

Warm up 

3 min @ any cardio machine @ easy pace

20 banded lat pull down (see video)

20 banded pull apart or light rear belt flyes accumulate fast (see video)

20 banded good mornings 

A: Barbell bent over Row 4×8@ 60% Rest 02:30 (see video)

B: Pull up 4×5 (use elastic if too heavy) Rest 02:00 (see video)

C: Incline supported DB row 5×10 Building weight* Rest 03:00 (see video)

D: DB bicep hammer curl 3×16 Building weight* Rest 02:00 (see video)

E: Horizontal Row feet fixed 4×5 hold the last rep @peak contraction for 10 sec Rest 02:30 (see video)

F: Rear delt flys 3×18 use light weights accumulate fast but controlled. Rest 01:30 (see video)

G: Thoracic spine Rotation 3×10/10  Rest as needed (see video)

Warm up 

5 min @ easy-mod pace @ any cardio machine or running

2 rounds for quality: 

20 banded pass throughs (see video)

10/10 birddog 

20m lunges 

10 Burpees

A: Any cardio machine preferably a bike in some form 

    Every 03:00 / 30sec max calorie sprint x6

    Note times, go hard. * also be smart and set up barbell @  workout B ready before starting A 

Rest 04:00 into >>


B: 4 rounds for time 

5 touch n go Deadlifts @  Bodyweight 

5 Barfacing burpees 

C: cooling down 10 min easy cardio machine (even tho if you don’t feel like to) 😉

D: Thoracic spine rotation 3×5/5 Rest 01:30 (see video)