This online training program contains 5 workout schedules per week (1 for recovery), focused on strength and conditioning. It is designed for people that have decent fitness experience, seeking for fitness performance progression. So expect higher weights, faster times and a fitter body.

4 + 1 trainings
Each week you can access a new training week of your program: 4 workouts and 1 recovery workout. These workouts are part of a programmed block.
Strength and conditioning
Each week you'll be challenged to get stronger, fitter and faster. We do this with progressive overload. You'll achieve higher weights, faster times and a fitter body.
€30,- p.m. any gym
For 30 euros per months you'll get your personal log codes to access our online training program. Cancel anytime. Suitable for any gym.

This program is designed for people who have some experience training in the gym (intermediate level). In this program they will be tested and challenged to unleash their inner athlete: fitter, faster and stronger. Check the vibe of a training here.