“I’ve seen many gyms from the inside over my >25 year adult life, and this is the first place that has succeeded in me transforming my body to something a lot stronger and defined than it has ever been. Not only do Matt and Celine really deliver on making their place really feel homely, their training is spot on and the kindness with which they create the atmosphere in their place, is beyond what you experience in many Amsterdam bars and restaurants.
Please all ignore this raving remark; I wouldn’t want to share Matt and Celine with too many people.”



“After not training for a year, I started at Alpha Three, and i thought it would take me so long to get in shape and strong again.
But i didn’t know Alpha’s Three power.
The programming is amazing, here you’re not just a number, they really know you, your weaknesses and your strenghts, so they can help you improve, and because of all of it, i could be in my best super fast, and i am getting better each day.
The energy is amazing, people are the nicest, coaches are the best.
If you are in doubt about this place, don’t be. Just go, you’re not gonna regret.”

krachttraining ijburg


“During my whole life I was never a sports person. I have tried a lot of different sports but never manage to hold on to it, until I started Crossfit with Alpha Three! This was one of the best decisions, because in Alpha Three I am constantly encouraged to push my self and I feel capable of accomplishing it all! I will never get tired of thanking Celine and Matt for changing my life!”


“CrossFit Alpha Three has become such a part of my world! After my trial (including all the pain and soreness), I knew I was hooked. I started 1 time per week and now I’m going 4 times. I can see my progress and I’ve getting better everyday.

Matt and Celine have done such a great job of making this place feel like a family rather than just another gym.

I highly recommend it to anyone interested in getting in shape, meeting new people or simply having fun!”


“I don’t even know where to begin with this review, Matt and Celine are amazing in their chosen fields, I went with the fitness level of absolute zero but with their help around nutrition, fitness, technique, goals and more importantly the personalized training sessions I am seeing goals achieved and surpassed along with my confidence growing. Alpha Three is definitely not your ordinary gym, it is for everyone no matter your age, body shape or fitness levels and I highly recommend for anyone beginner or professional.”


“My experience in Alpha Three has been amazing! I feel very motivated to train here, attention to clients is very personal which helped me to set goals and be part of a great community. No matter if you’re starting or advance this is the perfect place to train.”


“This is the place where you make major progress in training. Its has pleasant atmosphere with great professional trainers. I love the combination of personal training and training with other members in the strength club class. The equipment is of a high standard and clean. Alpha Three is a positive hard training community in IJburg you want to be part of!”


“I’ve been doing personal training at Alpha Three for about 3 months and couldn’t be happier. I have been able to get back in shape after being home for couple months due to the lockdown. Great vibe and amazing people. I have a very busy job and my sessions at Alpha Three gives me a break from a hectic week, where I can focus on my goals, performance and well being. I also get support and advise on nutrition which has been very helpful. The studio is brand new and overlooking the water. Equipment is really good and brand new as well. Always enjoying my sessions, and to have a protein shake in good company after the workout! Definitely recommend to anyone who wants to get in shape or maintain a healthy lifestyle.”

opening alpha three


“I was visiting town for couple days and dropped in to Matt’s and Celine’s gym. Boy, I wish their gym was in my town :). First of all it’s a bright and shiny gym with a new equipment. Working out with the see view – to die for. Matt is an amazing coach – pays attention to technique, and know his craft, plus he programs really cool workouts. Lastly amazing folks coming there – super open and welcoming even to strangers. Definitely coming back next time I’m in town. Thanks guys !”



“Na jaren lekker getraind te hebben bij Akademia op het Javaplein ben ik op zoek gegaan naar een nieuwe sportschool toen ik naar IJburg verhuisde. Via Instagram kwam ik terecht bij Alpha Three en na 3 maanden daar nu te trainen wordt het alleen maar leuker. De stap naar een personal trainer leek van te voren groot, maar pakt voor mij zeer goed uit. Technieken leren wordt de tijd voor genomen en als ik ergens last van hem wordt er gelijk een alternatief aangeboden. Trainingen zijn intensief, maar door de deskundigheid van Mathijs en Celine haal ik er altijd het maximale uit. En ondanks dat er hard gewerkt wordt, is er ook altijd tijd voor wat gezelligheid na afloop. AANRADER!”


“I have had the pleasure of being the first client of Alpha Three since it opened in March 2020. We regularly joke that when Matt and Celine write their memoirs the strap-line will be “the day we opened our business is the day we closed out business” as their opening coincided with the pandemic starting in The Netherlands. This said, over 12 months they came up with innovative and creative ways to train, even in temperatures of -12. On first joining I thought “man I must be crazy” abs expected to leave after my trial sessions were up. This is not the case and now nearly 18 months later I look forward to my weekly training sessions. Like their promotional material “not your ordinary gym” this is not for the faint hearted. If you are expecting a gym where you walk around casually moving from one machine to the other and chit chatting and taking pauses fo check your social media this is not for you. Attendance needs determination and drive and most of all commitment from you – because both Matt and Celine give 1000% commitment to each and every one of their clients. In my professional life I work in transformation and people often comment now on my personal transformation journey in the last 18 months. Alpha Three is not only a gym, it’s a lifestyle choice abs being a member feels like being part of an extended family. There are no muscle guys flexing their arms in mirrors and taking up space, moms hanging around arranging play dates for their kids – each and everyone of their clients is committed to change, health and well being.”



“Celine & Matt are amazing! I took their personal coaching sessions, and as a true beginner, they taught me a lot on fitness, technique & nutrition. They build a training plan tailored to your goals. 6 months in working with them, I am now getting results both in terms of body looks but also weight & volume for each training exercise. Highly recommend if you’re looking for a coach to take your fitness & workouts to the next level.”



“Hele fijne sportschool! Ik volg hier al een half jaar personal training en zie echt vooruitgang. Ik word steeds fitter en sterker. Celine en Mathijs zijn erg professioneel en hebben veel verstand van sport en voeding. Daarnaast zijn ze altijd super vriendelijk, er hangt een goede sfeer dus ik ga hier altijd met plezier sporten!”

deadlift sofia


“I’m more than happy training in Alpha Three Gym. Very welcoming and professional team and very nice location. Training itself is very structured and approach feels very personal. Working together with Mat feels very motivating, and he always push you to do an extra movement :). This makes your goals closer every day!”

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