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Every training you can give a 1000% but ultimately it really matters how your train. If you only work your weight training at low reps you will not develop the localized muscular endurance that you might have otherwise. If you work high reps exclusively you will not build the same strength or power that you would have at low reps. There are advantages and disadvantages to working out slowly or quickly, with high weights or low weights, completing “cardio” before or after, etc. So what to do then??

personal training alpha three

At Alpha Three we keep our trainings in the mix to set the right blueprint for success and perform at life. Cause still – as we work on becoming a better weightlifter, stronger-better gymnast, and faster rower, runner, swimmer, cyclist – there are an infinite number of workouts that get us there!

alpha three training

Generally ourselves we train three days on and one day off, to allow maximum sustainability at maximum intensities. (You might think it’s a lot – but once you see the results and know what you’re doing it’s lots of fun, motivating encouraging, you have a good sleep, good health and on an on 🙂 ) One of our favorite workout patterns is:

Warm up
Perform 3 to 5 sets of 3 to 5 reps of a fundamental lift at a moderately comfortable pace
Followed by a 10-minute circuit of gymnastics elements at a blistering pace

and finally finish with 2 to 10 minutes of high-intensity metabolic conditioning.

Another favorite is to blend elements of gymnastics and weightlifting in couplets that combine to make a dramatic metabolic challenge. Or to take five or six elements balanced between weightlifting, metabolic conditioning, and gymnastics and combine them in a single circuit that we push through three times without a break. 

Finally we note all of these results in a booklet. Each member has one. Then once in a few months we repeat the exact same workout – and it is always so much fun to see the reaction!! From squatting 0 to – 80 kg, or being 20% faster – we really enjoy to be part of the progress.

Upon many request we’ll also start with our online programming from the 15th of November on. In that way you don’t need to think too much of what to do – you just kill the workouts. Link below.

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